Every day we seem to hear about a new hack that will help with SEO or help you beat the Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook Algorithm so we blindly follow and change our strategy based on one podcast, blog or free download.

And then when we don’t see instant results, we start wavering again and seeking out another quick fix.

The fact is there’s rarely a quick fix for anything unless you aren’t even doing the basics so then you will always see initial results when you start.

Always listening to others can be detrimental to your business because as well as constantly changing your strategy, which is hugely time-consuming, it can keep putting you on the back foot.

But there are way more important reasons you should stop listening to everyone else.


We always assume people know more than us – when in reality they may just be more confident so are happy to share more and the cynic in me says always check out the facts.

I keep seeing an advert coming up on Facebook from a fellow business coach telling me how for $47 they will share all their secrets for growing your audience and turning them into paying clients – using the same system they used on their own six-figure business.

Now call me cynical but when you have 200 likers on Facebook and 157 followers on Instagram, I am not sure it all adds up.

I was recently on a Facebook live with someone shouting about their amazing Instagram strategy and when someone asked for their handle so they could follow them.

They then got all flustered and quickly announced they had not got round to applying the strategy to their own account because their original account had been hacked and they had lost their account – oh no not that old chestnut again – instead they had 248 followers and have posted more than 200 times.

If someone is promising me any of those things – I want social proof that they know more than me and they have achieved what they are promising.


Unfortunately, not everyone is there to give transparent advice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving away value – with the end goal of selling but be transparent about it.

Every free webinar is created with an upsell and as long as you are offering value in the webinar that’s fine – the biggest problem comes when 5 minutes of the webinar is delivering ‘the promise’ and the other 55 telling you that you can find all the answers by spending hundreds of pounds.

Or even worse is when you sign up for a freebie and give up your email address in return for the promise of something that sounds fabulous.

You get a download – which often does not live up to the hype- and then you spend the next 7 days being bombarded with sales emails for a programme that is just short of $1000.

So when you know this – how much of the free information comes from a place of gratuitous advice just to help fellow business owners?

I have seen a lot of bloggers promoting X, Y and Z and then a week later they are all over something else because they are getting an affiliate fee so how much of their promotion and help is transparent?


There are a lot of voices, who really do practice what they preach in their business and really know their shiz, so make sure you do your homework before doubting your entire business model and start again – based on the advice in a freebie.

And don’t take things at face value – if someone has 50k followers on Instagram and an average of 100 likes on their posts something is not right!

You and your business are unique and as the saying going there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so just because someone is doing something different to you, who says they are the ones doing it right?

Also, you have no idea of their end goal and indeed their starting point – so comparing yourself and your business to them is like comparing apples and oranges.

Marketing yourself and your business is absolutely key and don’t get me wrong, we all know that social media is simply a highlights reel – but they should still show the highlights of an actual life – not a completely different reality.

No one really wants to see a full warts and all account of life and business but we do want to see the real sh*t.

I never try to be or pretend to be anything other than a slightly chaotic person who sometimes might just fly by the seat of my pants – mainly because I can’t be anyone else but also because it doesn’t make me any less capable as a business owner. In fact, it is a huge part of what makes me me.

I have lived most of my entire adult life with deadline after deadline and never failing to meet one and that is all that matters really – not how I got there!

And talking of pants, I actually posted on my Instagram earlier about arriving at the supermarket and reaching into my bag for a facemask only to pull out a pair of pants!!

But it did make me and several others laugh so I had to share on social but it is also a reminder that we are all human.

So, what I am trying to say here is that just because people are talking about things all over social media, don’t assume they know more than you.

You always know more than you think and more importantly what you give yourself credit for.

So, do your homework before you take someone’s advice as gospel and change your entire marketing and social media strategy.

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