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Take back control of your business

Trust me when I say business can be simple and not take up every minute of your life. It’s time to work to live not live to work.

Making Business Simple was borne out of a strong desire to help more online business owners create and run businesses on their terms. I am all about getting rid of the social media bullshit that paints a picture of stress, hustle and constantly chasing followers, customers and money and helping you to achieve success your way.

What I can Help you with

Making a plan

“A goal without a plan is just a wish” and a business without one is never going to secure you the life you dream of. So whether you need help planning your weekly schedule, your social media and marketing or your next quarter to help you achieve those soul goals I am here to help.

Messaging and marketing

You are what makes your business unique but finding your voice and using it to reach your audience is one of the biggest blockers for entrepreneurs, as they have to make themselves part of the story. We can find a solution that works for you – so if you don’t want to share your life on social media, or be in a constant cycle of launches then you don’t have to.

Offering and pricing

Getting your offering and then your pricing right can make or break a business, and be one of the hardest things you have to do. What you think will work can often fall flat on it’s face so we can work together to focus on the amazing results and benefits rather than what we as business owners often think is the important bit – the tangibles. And then we can make it a no brainer for people to buy!

Tech, systems and automations

If you’re not sure by now, I am all about making business simple and by simple I also mean as cheap to run as possible. So, whether it’s stripping things back to cut down on subsciptions and third party solutions or making sure your business can work when you’re not then I am here to help. Being able to take a break and knowing that everything keeps moving forward is the best feeling ever.

What it's like working with me

Working with me isn’t for everyone because I don’t take excuses. But if you are ready to take action and do the work then we will be the perfect fit!

I love really getting to understand what makes you tick and what you really want from your life and business. After we have got clear it is easy to help you create systems, automations and a strategy that will help you achieve those goals as quickly as possible

Get Unstuck

If you just need a one-off call to get clarity on a project, tech support on an issue you’re struggling with or just a sound board to run your ideas past an SOS call is perfect for you.

One of the hardest things about running your own business is getting so stuck inside your head that you can start to overthink everything and spend hours on Google, YouTube and tech support helplines trying to find answers. And we all know going down those rabbit holes often poses more questions than answers, as well as wasting valuable time.

A 60-minute call will give you the support you need, as well as an action plan, to help you move forward with your business.


Get Clarity

If you are not where you want to be in your business, maybe you’re full of ideas but don’t know where to start? Or you’re struggling to know what to focus on to take you closer to your goals then a Get Clarity session is for you.

During the two-hour session we will get clear on what you really want and how to get there in the quickest possible way. You’ll also get two weeks of Voxer support as you implement the step-by-step action plan that we will create.

£297 (for a limited time)

Get a Strategy

If you need a more hands on approach and a longer term plan, then the Get a Strategy session is for you.

We will spend four hours together getting super clear on everything you want from your life and business, so we can create a strategy that works for you on your terms.  You will also get a 90-day strategy, so you always know what you are working on, and four weeks of Voxer support as you implement it. We will also have a one hour follow up call at the end of the month to thrash out any problems you might be facing, so you can keep on moving forward.

£497 (for a limited time)

Your next step

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Book in for a chat and let’s see how I can help you take back control of your business, reclaim that work-life balance and most importantly achieve success.