A personal brand isn’t just about being an influencer on Instagram or chasing followers here, there and everywhere.

The reality is that just by being on social media or mentioned on your about us page, you have already made yourself a personal brand.

So, whether you want your business to be about you or not it already is, so you might as well use it to your advantage.

It’s essential to remember that people buy from people, not faceless social media accounts, so, how can you use your personal brand to grow your business?


This is a trick so many people are missing that I have written a full blog post on it, but I still see people on a daily basis who don’t mention their own business on their Facebook profile.

I am in a lot of business /networking groups on Facebook, and there are hundreds if not thousands of people on there talking about their businesses and asking for advice yet when someone piques your interest so you try to find out more about their business you can’t find a single link.

They are missing a massive trick and preventing potential customers from ever discovering them.

If you’re not shouting about your business, no one else will be.


One of the main reasons you start a business or blog is because you are hugely passionate and knowledgable about the topic/sector, so make sure you use that to stand out from the crowd.

There are so many ways you can add value to your customers, whether it’s sharing tips, hosting question-and-answer sessions to show your authority on the subject or even becoming a go-to expert for the media.

If this is something you would be interested in there are a range of websites you can register on to help journalists out with an ‘expert’ quote.

As well as this you could set up a search on Twitter for #journorequest so you can keep an eye out for any requests, which are usually more time-sensitive.

Journalists will often let you promote something in return for your expertise, so maybe a link to your website or a mention of a new course/product, so always make sure you get as much out of an interview as possible.


If you can sum up your sales pitch to just one line, it will become so natural that it won’t even sound like a pitch, meaning you can slip it into conversations without people realising.

The problems arise when you feel uncomfortable telling people what you do, whether that’s at a networking event, a party or even down the pub (when we are allowed to visit them).

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your business and what you do, people won’t feel comfortable listening to it.

What you do should be as easy and natural to answer as what you had for dinner, and if it’s not, you have to ask why not?

  • Is it because you’re embarrassed talking about your own business?
  • Maybe you still don’t have a clear description of what it is you do?

Whatever the reason, and without going too deep, get practicing your pitch and used to saying it out loud.

As I said before if you’re not shouting about your business, no one else will be.