We have all been conditioned over the years to see asking for help as a weakness.

Rather than put our hand up in class we were meant to struggle on, for fear of looking stupid or being accused of trying to be the teacher’s pet.

But the reality is, asking for help in your business is the smartest thing you can do.

As well as finally admitting you are ready to change things, you are taking action to take your business forward.

And, there is certainly nothing weak in that! In fact, you should reward yourself for investing in yourself and your business.

Taking on a coach/mentor/VA/strategist can be a big step whatever stage of business you are at but the key is to remember that it is an investment rather than a spend.

With the right person, the rewards will always outweigh the investment and if you do the work, this includes financial rewards too.

Even if we are an expert in our field, we will still never have all the answers, although most of the time we do have, we just don’t realise it and need someone else to help us figure it out for ourselves.

That’s why every coach has a coach, and they have a coach, and they have a coach and so it goes on.

We all need help and what that help looks like depends on you.

When it comes to the work I do with my clients, there is no one size fits all approach to strategy because every business and business owner is different, and what you want or need might be completely different to someone else and that should be just fine.

Some of my clients just want to talk through their ideas and plans and get them clear in their own minds.

Others want to tap into my expertise of 11 years as an online business owner and 24 as a journalist and get advice and feedback and that is just fine by me – after all that is what I can offer that others can’t.

The key for you, when you are ready to invest in support, is that you do your homework.

Letting people into your business can be hard. Like any other relationship, a spark is the key. You need to find someone you feel completely comfortable opening up to.

You need to feel they have got your back and most importantly you want to look forward to spending time with them.

A good business relationship should leave you both excited before and after a call. My client calls  are the highlights of my week.

As well as being challenged I love seeing other business owners grow and move forward. Those things that were previously keeping them stuck are all of a sudden just another task on the to-do list and everyone is fired up and ready to take action.

If you want to fall back in love with your business, and take control so that you can create and run your business your way, I am here to help. You can either book a one-off SOS call or invest in a deep dive strategy day. Click here to find out more about working together.

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