There is something so freeing about hitting mute and unfollow!

I don’t think I am alone when I say I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with social media.

There are so many positives, especially when you run your own business. It is the place to build and nurture a community, meet new potential clients/customers and grow awareness of your brand – all for free.

But it can also be the place where comparisonitis, fear and imposter syndrome grow legs and take over your life!

What we so often struggle to do is remember three key facts when it comes to other people’s accounts.

It’s a highlights reel

People only share what they want you to see, so you form the opinions they want you to have

You have no idea of what is really going on behind the scenes.

So, how can you stay in control of your mindset and social media usage?


Idly scrolling through social media can be one of the biggest productivity killers.

Just nipping on to kill five minutes can turn into half an hour and then suddenly you’ve been triggered by something you’ve seen and the procrastination goes up another gear.

Factoring in time in your calendar for social media engagement is one way to deal with this.

You are then opening the app with intention. You know exactly why you are there, you are mentally prepared for it and you only have a set time to do it – so you can’t lose two hours watching cr*p pointy reels all to the same music- or yet more people lip-sync out of time.


FOMO is a very real thing when it comes to social media and is one of the key reasons we find ourselves reaching for our phones when we have a free minute.

Taking a day off, or a whole weekend is one way to get used to accepting that you cannot stay on top of what every single person you are following is doing – and just for the record nor should you want to!

If just being disciplined enough not to look is not going to work for you, try deleting the apps, this takes away the unconsciousness of the action – as you can’t find them to open.

You can even go as far as announcing your break to your followers – that way you feel a sense of accountability to practice what you preach.


Some accounts will always trigger you and some posts can have the power to change your mood in a second!

But to be honest that is on us for letting it, and for following these people or accounts despite that.

I know it’s not always easy to hit delete and unfollow – especially if it’s close family and friends who are causing the issue, but you can hit mute on Instagram and unfollow on Facebook and never see their posts without them ever knowing.

Then you can go on the apps safe in the knowledge that they won’t be ready to pounce on your productivity and kill your buzz.


You would never invite a mood hoover for a night out, or the regular drama queen, who is always seeking attention, round for a dinner party, so why do we allow them to butt into our day at any given time on social media?

So, next time someone or something triggers you, take control and take action.

You can decide what you see and your social media should inspire, motivate, entertain and educate and if it’s not doing that then make a change.

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